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The Office Season 9 Episode 1 Premiere At the Bon Temps police station, Jessica does her best to explain that Hoyt isn’t really a member of the Obama-masked killers plaguing the town, even shrugging off Jason’s efforts to comfort her, given he shot her in the head recently.Meanwhile, having recovered from her skin-walking episode, Luna resolves to join Sam in his efforts investigating the killers.Elsewhere, Terry leaves to find Patrick, assuring Arlene that he has to find and fight his former C.O. in a fair fight to protect them.

Back at Fangtasia, Pam watches reports of the factories being destroyed, but prevents Tara from stockpilingBlood in the interest of keeping their heads down politically.Tara shows her sympathy or Pam’s concerns about Eric, The Office Season 9 Episode 1 Premiere but is quickly rebuffed.And speaking of Eric, the Nordic vampire confronts Bill on his actions of late, but Bill asserts that it isn’t an act, and that he genuinely believes they received a vision from Lilith.Reminding him of his soft spot for Sookie, let alone mainstreamers, Eric lays out his plan to use Salome’s blood to escape before the next day’s dawn, which Bill tacitly accepts.

Back at home, Sookie looks through old photographs, before happening upon a news article that reveals Bud Dearborne was the one to find Sookie and Jason’s parents dead.Meanwhile, Jason assures Jessica that he’ll find out what’s happening while she goes to ground, before he and Andy happen upon a website that lays out the KKK-inspired plan to eliminate "supes.”Like the KKK, they’ve taken to electing their leaders as "Dragons.”The Office Season 9 Episode 1 Premiere Even after beating up the suspect they obtained last week, Jason and Andy don’t learn anything.

Elsewhere, Alcide drives toward Jackson, remembering his father first training he, Debbie and others about the value of the werewolf’s pack.Similarly investigative, Sookie pays a visit to Bud Dearborne, gleaming from his thoughts that he’s hiding something, before being knocked out by the mistress we saw Bud with last week.Andy faces a press junket outside the station, denying that the real Barack Obama has anything to do with the shootings, before rejecting the present Sam and Luna from helping any further, given the public isn’t yet aware of the The Office Season 9 Episode 1 Premiere existence of shifters.Undeterred, Sam invites Luna to act as flies on the wall around the police station.Meanwhile, Arlene arrives to open up Merlotte’s, only to find Patrick ushering her inside at gunpoint!

Sookie awakens to find herself in a pig barn, nearby to a delirious Hoyt.Back at the police station, Andy and Jason re-watch the hate-group website, only to recognize the boots the leader wears as ones they gave to Bud Dearborne upon his retirement!Two flies overhear the realization, as Bud confronts Sookie, apologetically offering that he couldn’t risk the secret being exposed, but its his mistress "Sweetie” that’s really the dragon calling the shots. The Office Season 9 Episode 1 Premiere The duo feed Sooie an Oxy-laced ginger ale, as Sweetie assures Bud that he’s doing the right thing
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